11 January 2018

Get rid of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ads

I'm so annoyed by Facebook, Instagram and Twitter spamming my timeline with ads. Recently, I have begun to see ads even in Instagram Stories. I hate that so much. My timeline is personal and should only show posts from my friends and from pages I follow. But I'm fighting back 💪

Every time I see an ad on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, I block the advertiser. Twitter allows you to do it straight from the ad: just click the chevron and select 'block'. On Facebook and Instagram, you may need to click the advertiser's name to load their page, then e.g. click a '…' icon and select 'block'.

This tactic obviously prevents that advertiser from showing me any more ads. Unfortunately, it doesn't prevent other ads from invading my timeline. But my thinking is that if more people come aboard doing the same thing, advertisers will be deterred from buying advertisements and will instead focus on producing quality content that you'll view voluntarily. I also hope Facebook et al. use some kind of reputation algorithm that decreases the visibility of accounts that receive a lot of blocks.

So how about it? Please give it a try yourself. Also tell your friends what you're doing. Spread the word! There's power in numbers ❤️ #BlockIntrusiveAdvertisers