16 March 2017

Don’t lose your pet this spring

As the days get warmer, more and more pets see an opportunity to make a run for freedom. Animal protection societies are warning owners not to underestimate the resourcefulness of their furry companions.

Even turtles have an uncanny tendency to disappear if left momentarily unattended in the open – many are good at burrowing into the ground, often to the surprise of their owners. Turtles should therefore be kept outdoors only in cages that extend well below ground level.

Cats and dogs, in turn, most often escape through open windows and doors, which should therefore be fitted with mesh in order to allow ventilation while keeping pets safely inside. Also, spring is a great time of year for checking the condition of fences, and fixing any gaps and holes.

Fresh water and protection from direct sunshine are important for any caged animal. Never leave a pet alone in a car.