10 April 2017

Finding newsgroups

This article is based on material authored by members of the news.newusers.questions Moderation Board and nnq-workers mailing list.

While some newsreaders may come pre-subscribed to certain newsgroups, such as news.newusers.questions, there are many other newsgroups out there as well! Here’s how to find them:

  • First of all, you could post a question to news.groups.questions. They have people who look for both newsgroups and mailing lists about any topic you’re interested in.
  • Another thing to do would be to search for a newsgroup by the topic you’re interested in at Google Groups. In the search box, enter a word or two that describe your topic of choice. The service will return a list of newsgroups that are most likely to discuss the topic you are interested in, along with some sample postings containing your search terms.
  • Finally, you can begin a search for web sites by using a web search engine such as Google.

Before posting to a new group, it’s a good idea to read at least a week’s worth of postings and any FAQs for the group. This will familiarise you with the group as well as help you learn the culture of the group and whether your post is appropriate there. It’s much better to find that out first than to get flamed later for posting in the wrong place.