31 May 2017

Travelling to other places

This article is based on material authored by members of the news.newusers.questions Moderation Board and nnq-workers mailing list.

In case you are looking to travel to a different place, perhaps one of these newsgroups would help you with beginning and ending your journey, as well as the things to see and do in-between!

By region

Travel on the African continent.
Travel in Asia.
Travel Information for Australia and New Zealand.
Travel to the islands of the Caribbean, sans pirates.
Travel in Europe.
Travel in Central and South America.
Travel in the United States and Canada.

By vehicle

Airline travel around the world.
Travel by cruise ship.
Discussions related to recreational vehicles.
Ever go to Montreal for pizza – from Albany?

Other groups

Everything and anything about travel.
Tickets and accommodation wanted and for sale.

If you are planning a honeymoon, you might also want to check out the soc.couples.wedding newsgroup.

30 May 2017

Pictures, sounds and document files in newsgroups

This article is based on material authored by members of the news.newusers.questions Moderation Board and nnq-workers mailing list.

Binary encoding is a way to send a picture, sound, or other non-text file across newsgroups, email or some other text-based medium. This is done by converting the message data into text characters. The encoded file usually looks like gibberish to the human eye, but with suitable software, recipients can decode it into the original content.

Such encoded messages may not be posted to normal (non-binary) newsgroups. They are often huge; the file may have been large to start with, and encoding it as text will make it even larger. The latter occurs because there a fewer characters to choose from, and so a longer file is necessary in order to convey the same information.

Such files can take forever to download. They may even crash some newsreaders. In addition, an unsuspecting newsgroup reader who pays for their Internet access by the minute or by the megabyte may have to pay a lot of money to download a binary message they don’t even want. Finally, binary files tend to clutter up even the message overview, especially since they are often split up across several messages.

Please post binary files to the most appropriate binaries newsgroup only. Here are a few places to get you started, but be warned: the files may take a long time to download due to their size!

You can post a note in a group that you have sent a binary file to another newsgroup, but please do not post (or crosspost) the file in normal newsgroups. If you post pointers to the groups where readers might be interested, and only post the binaries in binaries newsgroups, everything will work out fine!

4 May 2017

Avoiding HTML when posting to newsgroups

HTML-formatted postings are not welcome in newsgroups. While your software may interpret HTML correctly, many news-reading clients have only minimal ability to display HTML correctly. In addition, HTML postings often include your message twice: a plain text version is followed immediately by a version including HTML tags. This extra version of your message more than doubles the total length of the posting, and adds unnecessary download time for other newsgroup readers. Between the inability of other users’ software to interpret your posting correctly and the longer postings costing additional money to download (much of the world uses dial-up connections, but does not have free local calling), you’re likely to receive complaints if you post in HTML.

If you post with vCards, you will likely also get requests to stop doing so. For those using other newsreaders, vCards just look like a long signature, which newsgroup readers commonly find annoying.

1 May 2017

Help in your language

This article is based on material authored by members of the news.newusers.questions Moderation Board and nnq-workers mailing list.

Help in your language

The helpers in news.newusers.questions know a lot of answers but don’t always speak the same languages as the people who need help. In many cases, the best help for technical problems will come from a newsgroup which speaks your own language.

These newsgroups are good starting points for new users who are not very familiar with English:

Computer related topics (for Swiss readers)
Discusion general sobre Internet en Chile
Postings by new users (Chinese)
Hilfe zum Usenet (moderated)
Preguntas generales sobre las news (Spanish)
Les premiËres questions sur Usenet (French)
Usenet users, new user question/discussion (Korean)
Domande e risposte sul servizio news (Italian)
Startpunt voor beginners op internet (Dutch/Netherlands; moderated)
Newsprogramvare og news generelt (Norwegian)
Discussao sobre as Usenet news em Portugal (Portugese)
Tekniska och administrativa frÂgor kring news (Swedish)
Help for newcomers (Taiwanese)

In addition to the above, the users in one of the related soc.culture.* newsgroups might be able to point you to other newusers groups which are available in your language.